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About 90 % of all soiling on domestic house walls are due to algae and mould growth. They are caused by microorganisms in the air and attach themselves to damp surfaces.

Simplex specialises in professional facade cleaning of plaster, ETICS, Eternit and metal facades. We always pay attention to resource-saving and sustainable cleaning. You can rely on our years of experience when it comes to cleaning.

Does your façade look like this too?

Simplex facade cleaning works!

  • These discolourations and stains are not conventional dirt. They are Algae, mould and fungiwhich multiply unhindered on the façade, mostly in damp places in the shade, but also in other places.
  • You can use these do not simply wash off yourself using a high-pressure cleaneras you are the cause of the Microorganismscannot be removed by conventional means.
  • Conventional high-pressure cleaning can damage your Damage facade and micro-cracks develop, in which algae, mould and fungi can spread even more easily, and now even inside the façade.
  • Simplex facade cleaning is Your professional for professional facade cleaning of plaster facades, external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), stone, concrete, sheet metal facades and Eternit.
  • With our self-developed means and our own research, we guarantee a Gentle but permanent and sustainable removal the causes of discolouration.
  • Without high pressure, without scaffolding, therefore cost-effective and time-saving. Usually within one day we clean your entire façade like new so that you can enjoy it again for a long time.

What customers say about us

The advantage is that everything is very easy to handle. They come for one day and then it's over again. [...] For me, of course, as a customer, that's great.

Michael Mayrhofer

We were already thinking about having it repainted, but then we found out about Simplex [...] And afterwards, the result was outstanding.

Moritz Leibetseder

Thorough cleaning & professional advice. Top!

Lisa Marie

Since I believed in it from the beginning, I expected nothing else. For me personally TOP advice and very professionally implemented.

Alfonso Munda

Uncomplicated and efficient, friendly and meticulous. On the same day, our house facade was cleaned spotless and looks like new. [...]

Beat and Evelyne

The result of the cleaning is incredible. [...] Keep up the good work.

Candrian Treuhand und Immobilien GmbH

Our 30+ year old façade is sparkling clean again and looks like new. It's a small financial outlay for what you get. [...] We are thrilled [...]

Maya Zeller

I would not have thought that our façade could become so beautiful again WITHOUT a new coat of paint. A thousand thanks, dear Simplex team!

Stefanie Karl

Facade washing procedure

Four steps to the perfect result


Sample area
Cleaned sample surface on plaster facade

We come to you and clean a free and non-binding test area. This allows you to see the result immediately.


Simplex application technician sprays pre-treatment on façade

Our facade cleaning agent is applied to the surfaces concerned are applied. This is absorbed by algae and moulds and is is now beginning to detach from the substrate.


Rinse off
Simplex application engineer cleans facade with lance

Algae and mould are rinsed off under low pressure. The waste water is completely collected with our patented system and properly disposed of or recycled by us.


Clean facade
Freshly cleaned façade with Simplex application bus in the foreground

Our Self-developed, transparent Simplex façade protection is applied and protects against recurring algae infestation. And it comes with a five-year guarantee.

Efficient cleaning at the best price

Your advantages, our quality promise!

Cost-effective and with best price

With a facade cleaning from Simplex you save about 70 % compared to repainting your facade. In addition, we always offer best price guarantee on our quoted price compared to other facade cleaning companies.

Time saving

Since no major preparations and set-ups are required, we can complete the facade cleaning in a very short time. For a single-family house, we need a maximum of one working day. Since no scaffolding has to be erected and removed, everything is finished immediately afterwards. Only your windows should still be cleaned after completion.

5 years warranty

We are convinced of our product and guarantee you an algae-free façade for five years. Our Simplex façade protection prevents a renewed algae and mould infestation in the long term and your façade thus remains free of stains and discolouration for years.

Value enhancement

A discoloured façade makes even a building that is only a few years old appear in need of renovation. Although the building envelope is fully intact, your property looks inferior. A clean façade is not only beautiful to look at, but also increases the value of your building.

Free trial area

So that you can see how easily and quickly we can remove discolouration from your façade, we clean a small test area directly on site at the affected property. Without obligation and free of charge. Afterwards, you can decide at your leisure whether you want to make use of our service.

Conserves resources

We use the gentlest possible and continuously improved agents from our own research. Our Simplex process also saves effort on superstructures, so it is more resource-friendly and sustainable than repainting. In addition, we avoid long travel distances due to our regional locations.

Cleaned m²


Cleaning hours


Satisfied customers

"Our Simplex cleaning system has already been successfully applied to more than one million square metres of façade surface!"

Christian HanederManaging Director Simplex Austria

Advice and contact

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We can give you the best advice on site directly on the affected façade. One of our expert advisors will come by, clean a small test area and discuss our individual offer with you. The on-site consultation is also completely free of charge and non-binding.

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